This evening I watched my neighbor be lifted into an ambulance by EMS. The wagon was parked right in front of my house and I watched from my front door. He was the father of two children, whom lived with him in his house along with their children. Three families are in that household next door. Now I worry if everyone there has become infected. Some hours after I heard one of the children crying before hearing a car driving off. I suppose they are sending the child to live with one of the separated spouses.

The numbers for today were higher than yesterday in terms of infections. 993 infected, and 19 dead. This puts the state total at a distressing 4650 infected and 111 dead.

I saw two videos from distressed nurses. “This is like a war hospital.” The hospitals are out of respirators. They are out of beds. They are out of sedative IVs. They are out of painkiller IVs. They are out of Tylenol. They are out of gowns. Both nurses began to break down at the end of their pleas for help. Things are truly dire.