I just had a dream where I was on a bus in the middle of the summer. I know it was summer because the roadside of the highway was a rolling green. I was laughing with the people next to me. I wsa sitting in the back of the bus. Things were fun and it felt like we had just done some outdoor activity or something. I looked out the window and thought this must be real, because things are so clear. I also though, a lot of my dreams start like this but this can’t be a dream because I am seeing all of this detail so clearly. The middle of the highway was under construction, like it is near Toledo or so. It was a dip in the road, and trees high on both sides. So I think we were in Michigan or some some state with many trees like Georgia. Traffic was at a complete standstill but there were no horns honking. So people in the front got off of the bus and ran out to go look. I heard some gasps of disbelieve from the from so I ran to the front of the bus and ran out. I looked up the road past the top of the hill and saw the top of a giant mushroom cloud. Oh my god. Oh my god. A cyclone of dirt rose up in front of the dust cloud. We’ve actually been nuked. I remembered that I couldn’t run back into the bus because vehicles were not safe shelter from nuclear explosions. Ah ah ah what do I do? Then I woke up.

I stared at the ceiling in the dark. I don’t know what to do really. What if we actually get nuked? What is the protocol? What supplies do I have? I ran through a list of supplies I would need in my head. I should buy that Czech gas mask when I can. I should also start getting fuel filters because if that nuke happens, the government will be absolutely shut down. Oh man. I have never experienced a dream that vividly before, nor one about natural disasters. If that was not a warning that I need to continue getting prepared, then I do not know what else could be.